VPA 3-Blade Stainless Broadheads 150 grains.

CNC Machined from high quality stainless steel – heat treated to 50 Rockwell. Screw-In

150 Grain Vented 1 1/8″ Diameter


3-Blade Stainless Steel 150 grain Non-Vented 1 1/8"

SKU : 3S150SS
  • VPA 3-Blade Broadheads Defined:

    • One that terminates life by way of 3 razor-sharp blades.
    • The Broadhead of choice for serious Bowhunters!
    • VPA 3-Blade Broadheads are rock solid and machined with precision to give you perfect flight every time. No weld lines or brazing combined with the pyramid style chiseled points give the broadhead “bone-splitting” strength.


    “A-Z Power!”

    From Antelope to Zebra or whatever your game may be, the VPA 3-Blade will take care of business. Compatible with all bow and arrow combinations. Put VPA 3-Blade Broadheads in your quiver and experience why we tell everyone “This Ain’ t Your Daddy’s Broadhead!” ™

    • Easy to sharpen and re-sharpen
    • Hardened to 50 Rockwell
    • Designed and made by bowhunters for bowhunters!
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